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Robert Litt rlitt6 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 14:33:26 PST 2013

One way to realistically offer support to people who will really use it is
the install DVD.

As I get the disc around the district, people will use it and word will
spread spread. If the disc has an email address to offer support, teachers
will seek help.

This question you ask is good, but begs a much larger discussion. Teachers
are resistant. As the common core standards give pressure to go online more
and machines get old, repurposing and FOSS will become more popular. But
for now teachers are surprisingly not clever with technology. How to offer
FOSS support is a daunting question.

I will give it more thought.

Rob Litt

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
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> Hi everyone,
> Over the weekend Christian and I met up with Robert Litt to load up
> some computers into his van to take over to Oakland, hooray!
> But aside from that work, Robert mentioned that it would be helpful to
> offer online support for teachers. Particularly since we're all so
> busy now that coming out to schools on a regular basis is becoming
> increasingly difficult.
> I am reluctant to create a whole new Linux support site when the
> internet is full of them, but this would specifically be geared toward
> teachers who don't necessarily have a technology background and don't
> have time to tinker. I'm thinking we could just use the already
> existing tech at lists.partimus.org mailing list and encourage teachers
> to send to that email address for help. We moderate non-subscribers
> (spam issue) but we have enough active moderators that their mails
> won't be stuck in the moderation queue for long.
> Even if we don't know the answer right away, we can do the leg work of
> going to LUG mailing lists, forums and other resources which may be
> more intimidating to a newcomer without much time. Since this is
> online I could also encourage some of my peers in the Ubuntu community
> to join the mailing list and help out.
> Thoughts?
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