[Discussion] RMS vs. Amazon search results feature

Grant Bowman grantbow at partimus.org
Fri Dec 7 14:22:56 PST 2012

For discussion:

I am reserving judgement but the 12.10 install I tried seemed to
sacrifice privacy a little too easily and I don't like the idea of
money being made by default from Ubuntu for Canonical. At the same
time I don't agree with all of what RMS said but some of what he says
is true for me.

In working with our mission statement we are debating how to express
our support of Free and open source Software (FOSS, capitalization
intentional) while still conveying our ideas to those less aware of
the terms Free Software, open source software, Linux, etc.

We are also talking about why we do what we do. Providing hardware,
software and the Internet are all means, not ends. We need to be able
to talk about the ends our stuff is used for. I think the term
"digital citizen" includes much of what we are intending.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_citizen what do you think?



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