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On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:37 AM, James Howard <james at partimus.org> wrote:

> I will try to meet with Maria either today or tomorrow.

I was at CACS today, and spoke briefly with Maria and Paul.  Maria is easier
to get in touch with toward the end of the school day on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Paul was busy with a class, and so I was not able
 to speak with him in detail.

The school has been divided between two buildings due to construction.  The
underschool is divided between the south building (which was just storage
last year) and the north building (which is where our lab is).  Maria is
still in the north building in her same classroom.

Maria is okay with SFSU students coming to do stuff.  Paul said he is
"theoretically" okay with it.  I just need to send him an email with a few

> At the very least, I'd like to get a sense of the overall state of the lab
> and all our machines (It's not clear to me how much of the dust has
> settled from the summer construction).

The lab is pretty much in the same condition as last year.  Someone plugged
the server back in, but I didn't turn it on when I was there, because I was
not sure if the ethernet cables had been moved around or not, and I was not
sure if the ethernet cables were plugged into the proper jacks in the back
of the server.

> After that, we can start reviewing
> the specific user requests and assign priority to them. If there are any
> urgent or readily addressable tasks, I'll try to tackle those up front
> (time permitting). Following that, we can outline outstanding and lower
> priority tasks by creating threads at tech at lists.partimus.org[1]

This sounds like a good plan, thanks!

> Perhaps, it may even work better still to plan on gathering at the CAC lab
> one or both of the next two Saturdays.

Maria has said that Sunday would be better for her than Saturday, if that is
okay with you, James.  If not, then we will need to ask her to be there on
Saturday.  We will need Maria to be present for the first week or so, until
we get new keys, because the keys for the north building have been changed,
and not even the teachers currently have keys to get into the north
building.  I will email her to find out what time works for her.  Does
Sunday work for you, James, or do you need it to be Saturday?

> If we can think of any other tasks we'd like to get started on, let's add
> those to the task list as well.

I can't currently think of any more tasks.

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