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James Howard james at partimus.org
Tue Aug 23 07:37:07 PDT 2011

Thanks for forwarding these requests from CAC.

I will try to meet with Maria either today or tomorrow.

At the very least, I'd like to get a sense of the overall state of the lab
and all our machines (It's not clear to me how much of the dust has
settled from the summer construction).  After that, we can start reviewing
the specific user requests and assign priority to them. If there are any
urgent or readily addressable tasks, I'll try to tackle those up front
(time permitting). Following that, we can outline outstanding and lower
priority tasks by creating threads at tech at lists.partimus.org[1]

Perhaps, it may even work better still to plan on gathering at the CAC lab
one or both of the next two Saturdays. This way we can really get hit the
ground running and get the school year off to a quick start.

If we can think of any other tasks we'd like to get started on, let's add
those to the task list as well.

[1] If you're interested and/or available for technical, on-site and
hands-on volunteer work and discussion:


Our aim is conduct more of our sysadmin Linux, hardware, and technical
discussions over there, and for lack of a better system at the moment, it
may be a good way to match up various tasks with interested volunteers.

> Hi,
> Maria has said that CACS needs help in these areas.  Does anyone have time
> available this week to go over to CACS?  I am going to be looking at my
> schedule today to try to find some time.  Thanks either way.
> Thanks Christian,
> Here is a list of areas where we need help.
> 1. I tried to log on with my log-on/password, but it would not work.
> Fernando as well.  Are they disabled?
> 3. We have several new students whose passwords need to be added.  I would
> love for you to show me how to do it so that I can add them as we get new
> students.
> 4. I need to download a program for my Yearbook Elective being offered a
> week from Thursday.  I would like to get familiar with the program first
> so
> I can show the kids how to use it.
> 5. A few teachers could use help with their machines/technical issues due
> to
> moving.
> 6. We need to move all the computer equipment from the storage room in the
> closet to the storage room in the back of the computer lab.
> 7. Would be good to use some compressed air and clean out some of the fans
> etc.
> Thanks for your support,
> Maria
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