[Tech] Volunteer Needed: MediaWiki Master

Grant Bowman grantbow at partimus.org
Sun Jan 6 13:15:55 PST 2013

I have just installed our wiki at http://www.partimus.org/wiki/
described http://wiki.dreamhost.com/MediaWiki

I would like to ask for a copy writer or other interested volunteer to
work with me and lead our efforts to improve our wiki. There is
missing documentation, about pages, links to our activities, final
configuration, helping with issues that arise (spam), etc. No
experience with MediaWiki is required. An interest in wikis and
collaboration is needed. A willingness to collaborate via IRC
http://www.partimus.org/chat.php (#partimus on freenode.net) is
preferred but not required. I've chosen the GNU Free Documentation
License (GFDL) to be compatible with wikipedia but if anyone has a
different preference maybe we should discuss it.



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